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About us

About us

We are a company specializing in mixed and custom orders supply realization of billet, half timber and rounded log (RRT) from Krasnoyarsk Krai to the whole Russian territory, Germany, Italy, Russia’s neighboring states (China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and etc.)

The icon of our company is tolerant attitude to the customer and precise obligations fulfilment that is quite tough nowadays in such an ambiguous part of Russia as Eastern Siberia.

The absence of prepaying simplifies interaction in many cases and allows ascertaining of trust-based relations and effective cooperation conditions fast.

Architecture firms from Moscow, Moscow Oblast, St.Petersburg, Kazan, Minsk and EU member-countries (Germany, Italy, Lithuania and etc.) are our permanent customers.



Our company accepts payment for shipments of any kind, either cash or non-cash. We furnish all the necessary documents for financial statements. Reciprocal payment and fiscal relations transparency contributes to long-term effective cooperation.


Delivery to every spot in Russia and abroad

We maintain business ties with many freight companies of Russian Federation, Belorussia and EU-countries (Germany, Italy, Lithuania and etc.) Evidence suggests the small-scale wholesale supply by road profitability. In case of substantial volume we will welcome a possibility of railway transport supplies.

We remind that cardload comes from 68 to 80 m3, auto – of the order of — 22-30 м3.


Delivery speed

Nearly 10 years of timber supply practise provides us an opportunity to streamline logistic schemes in any condition. The average speed of the auto procurement is 5-7 days to Moscow and Moscow Region and railway one – approximately 12-15 days.



Our special agents will pick over the wood of needed quality required by You. We are: twenty-four-seven oversight of dispatch, adequateness and flexibility in understanding of difficult timber properties question, complete rejection of “double standard” practise.


Phone: +7(908)213-05-78; ‎+7(913)533-89-77
E-mail: loglarix@gmail.com
Address: Moscow, Nezhinskaya st. 1

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